• For wet use with DalTool Premium Tile Bit
  • Phenomenal Drilling Performance
  • Bit Life 300+ Holes
  • Holes 1/6" up to 2 5/8"


The DalTool® DAD2 Angular Tile Drill is designed to deliver Accurate and Chip Free Holes in the hardest and most delicate types of tile.

The variable speed and new Diamond Bit Technology of the DAD2 allows for optimal drilling performance at any diameter.

The DAD2 Diamond Bit Capacity ranges from 1/6" up to 2 5/8".

Phenomenal Improvement in Drilling Performance

DalTool® PREMIUM QUALITY Diamond Tile Bits offer the latest in Diamond Bit Technology and are unparalleled in Drilling Speed & Quality. Futhermore they offer an amazing Bit Life of at least 300 holes per bit and often even more.

The DalTool® Line of Core Bits covers all common diameters from 1/6" (4 mm) up to 5" (125 mm).

Technical Specifications:

Part #   9999 542645
Premium Tile Bit Range Inch 1/6" - 2 5/8"
Power W/HP 750/1
Voltage/Frequency V/Hz 115/60
No Load Speed RPM 3,000 - 10,000
Weight lbs 5.2

What's in the Box

  • DalTool® DAD2 Angular Tile Drill
  • GFCI Switch
  • Adjustable Drilling Guide
  • Water Supply Tank
  • Ergonomic Side Grip
  • Socket Head Screwdriver 3 mm
  • Carrying Case


DalTool Tile Bits Premium

Premium Quality Tile Bits for DAD2. Bit Life 300+ Holes and Excellent Cutting Finish.

Daltool Polishing
Pad Kit

For Wet Polishing of Granite.
Fits DalTool DAD2 and DAD5 Angular Tile Drills.

Daltool Dressing Stone

For Dull or Glazed Bits.

Part # 9999 546429

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